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Breastfeeding- husband loves to suck on/bite nipples-milk supply?
We both enjoy this part of lovemaking, but if my husband sucks on my nipples will my milk supply go down? Will the baby not get enough milk?
You just need to time it right... after bubs is down for the night and you know you'll get a fair bit of time to fill back up. There will always be more. The more stimulation the breasts have the more milk they will make
I found my husband breastfeeding our baby girl. How do I make him stop!?
No my husband isn't lactating, he didn't have a sex change. He just thought it would be funny to breastfeed our daughter. I also found out it turns him on. Is this healthy for our gowing guy. I stopped breastfeeding her months ago and now my husband continues it where I left off. What the hell is with him? He keeps doing it! How do I make him stop!
This is very odd. And, if your daughter is close to 2 years old, she may start to remember this. You could be messing her up. My man does some strange things too, but I agree, if he's getting turned on by your daughter, that's a little sick. I would have a heart to heart and tell him how alarmed you are that he's getting turned on by your daughter sucking on him and that you are not sure you want to be with him anymore. You should also examine all other areas of his behavior to assess whether or not you should, in fact, leave. But beforehand, take at least a picture to document this (don't threaten to put it on youtube though.) You may just need to produce it in family court.
Intimacy with husband & breastfeeding... How does this work? first time MOM?
My six week check up is next week. I was just wanting to know from breastfeeding moms, did it affect your sex life at all?
I know I shouldn't feel embarressed but I feel weird and a little awkward about having sex with my husband?
My husband is a great guy!
It is a little tricky, as most men don't find milk leaking out of your boobs during sex a turn on! My solution was to buy some really sexy lingerie and keep my bra on throughout, with some very light breast pads in them. A basque is also good because you can add suspenders and it helps to cover that other area that might be a problem - your stretchmarked belly.

If you do have any milk-related mishaps, try to make it a bit of a giggle, that takes the tension out of it!
Wondering if I could be pregnant even though I am still breastfeeding and husband has had a vasectomy?
Had a baby about six months ago and am breastfeeding part time still. Have had a few periods and now I haven't had any for like two months. My husband had a vasectomy over two months ago but never went back after at least 12 ejaculations to make sure he is sterile. Have taken a couple tests and they are negative but why have I not got a period?
You can still get pregnant while breastfeeding. There is a very very slim possibility that your husbands vasectomy was unsuccessful. He shoud go back to the doctor to make sure. However, since the tests are coming back negative, then you are probably not pregnant. Breastfeeding can mix up your hormones and make you miss periods.
Here is an article that you should find comforting:
I have been breastfeeding my husband for 4 years now our guy is 5.?
I just found out that I am Pregnant with Twins and that I am 3 months along. Why didn't I suspect being pregnant? I thought if you continued to breastfeed you could not get pregnant. Should I stop breastfeeding my husband?
Haha LMAO.
You're a funny troll...=)
Pretty sick mind you got there.
Why people think that breastfeeding your husband its gross?
I mean what's the problem? when you have sex its gross and you do nasty thing, and baby its make of sperm, when you have sex when you re preggo its gross as well the baby its there ya know I don't see why people say its gross, I don't see anything wrong of my husband sucking my nipple when i have milk on my breast during a sexual act?
I don't think there is anything wrong with it. You two are consenting adults. What you do in your bed room is none of any ones business.

It does seem a bit ridiculous that some people thing that if I am breast feeding then my breasts are only for my baby. My breasts are for my guy and my husband. And if he enjoyed sucking on them some when I am not producing breast milk then I have no idea why he should stop if he choices when I am producing breast milk.
I have been breastfeeding my husband for 4 years now our guy is 5. Do you think this is wrong?
He really seems to enjoy this. He feeds in the am and again in the evening it is almost like he can;t get enoough. I am wondering how long I should let this go on.
LOL..'re serious?? :-x

I don't suppose it's HARMFUL in any way, just a bit out there and strange (well, more than a BIT!)..but hey, whatever, there are people out there that do even weirder things than that I guess.
I know it's beneficial to babbies, but will breastfeeding make my HUSBAND any smarter?
Like, if I let him suckle some milk out of my breasts once a day, will it help him remember to pick his socks up off the floor? Or to stop locking his keys in the car?
hum just maybe and he might be less gassy! seems like a win!win!situation!
Is my husband out of the norm when it comes to breastfeeding?
I have breastfed four babies and my husband totally supported breastfeeding and was not a big cry baby over how he lost the use of his boobies because of the baby.Im thinking most men are not as mature as my hubby and im wondering why? I mean why would you be so stupid to even care when your wife if trying to keep your baby as healthy as possible and do the best thing for baby...are men that dense because i see alot of them genuinely upset over this.
I've found most men who are willing to put their family first don't have an issue with this. I think the problem is that many men approach relationships very selfishly. If only they would realize that once they put their wife first, she will WANT to do great things for him... it's actually pretty easy.
I Caught My Husband Breastfeeding Our Newborn Son Is This Normal???
My husband and I have finally decided to have guyren and I've given birth to our son.While I was pregnant my husband was really involved in the pregnancy which I appreciated.The thing I don't appreciate though was him buying strange videos on men "breastfeeding".These videos gave instructions on how men could lactate just like their female counter parts.I told him I don't like him watching those videos and ever since then I haven't seen him with it.Well after that ordeal sometimes I'd see him pinching is nipple and noticed that his abs was looking more like small breasts.I said nothing thinking that he may be putting on a bit of weight.Well when we brought our son from the hospital to our home, the baby was crying late at night and my husband insisted to go and take care of it while I relax.I let him see to our son but when he didn't come back to our room for a long time I decided to check in on them.What I saw was my husband breastfeeding our son.Should I confront him about it?
This is actually becoming a trend with men. They do this to create a bond with their newborns just as mothers do. This soothes the baby and is not harmful in any way. You must have a very passionate husband.

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